Food Junction

Eat all you can. Visit Food Junction for a food experience like no other amidst a bustling atmosphere and discover a mix of local and international cuisine that will whet your appetite, all under one roof

Ika’s Kitchen – Malay Goreng
Must try: Choose Paprik Chicken Rice for a satisfying meal of fried rice cooked with crunchy cauliflower, carrots, beans, and generous chunks of chicken.




Must try: Celebrate the art of grilling with the sizzling goodness of Teppanyaki Chicken Set – juicy, flavoursome cuts of meat with naturally sweet vegetables.



Izumi – Japanese Cuisine

Must try: Enjoy a Salmon Bento Set of satisfyingly tender, omega-3 rich salmon accompanied by crisp greens and pickled vegetables.



Wild Basil – Western Cuisine

Must try: Devour the Spaghetti Skillet Salmon – spaghetti cooked with light cream sauce, coupled with tender, juicy salmon flakes.



Express Burger and Pizza

Must try: Sink your teeth into the Classic Beef Burger, a juicy beef patty peeking out of a soft fluffy bun, sandwiched between a sunny-side up and fried mushrooms, topped with cheese, onions, and tomatoes.