Go Noodle House

The co-founders of Go Noodle House – Alvin Tan Kok Meng, Lee Hon Wai, and Mok Wai Peun-rolled up their sleeves and worked as cashiers, waiters, and dishwashers to save costs when they first started their business. Today, they have over 20 outlets around Klang Valley and hold a record of selling over 1,500 bowls of noodles in one day.

GO Noodle House (GNH) was birthed when the co-founders tasted a Teochew-style soup prepared by Alvin’s mother, and realised they had to share it with the world. They named their eatery after the Manglish phrase, “got one noodle house”, inspired by a Stephen Chow movie.

The decor of GNH is centred by a Chinese gong, square wooden tables, rectangular wooden stools, and walls lined with rice wine bottles. This welcoming ambience is reminiscent of eating houses during the Qing Dynasty. As for the recipe for the delicious soup broth, the trio say: “Well, it’s a secret so we can’t tell!”. What we do know is that the popularity of the noodles lies in the Yellow Rice Wine that is added to elevate the taste of the soup”.