Avenue K Collectors Festival

Mark your date collectors’ enthusiasts! Pop cultures collectibles from DC Comics, Marvel are making its way to Avenue K! Zoom over to Ground Floor, from 25 April – 10 May to explore the event filled with action-packed activities and Insta-worthy moments.

The trinity superhero Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman ½ scaled will be featured in Avenue K! You can snap pictures with your favourite superheroes characters. Be sure to tag @AvenueKMY while you are at Avenue K for AK Collectors Festival.

What’s even more amazing, is the prototypes showcase of ¼ scaled Venom, Anti-Venom and Spiderman. Yes, you read that right, a ¼ scaled prototype of Venom, Anti -Venom and Spiderman from the iconic Marvel Comics . They are the first in Malaysia to make an appearance here.

Among the event highlights are:

Large-scaled Statues and collectibles from Prime 1 Studio
Collectibles on sale
Super-Agent Challenge
Toys Sculptors Talks
Cosplay Competition
And more exciting activities

Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!