Fire Fitness & Rawsome

Level: L1
Lot No: L1-7
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri , 6.30am -9.30pm, Sat-Sun or Public Holiday -7.00am - 6.00pm

FIRE Fitness was founded in September 2015 by Dave Nuku, with the aim to help people ignite and fuel their inner motivation to lead a rich, full life inspired by fitness. At FIRE we aim to ignite and fuel this inner motivation with our enthusiasm, passion, and motivation, to see our fans achieve their goals and lead a life on FIRE. We bring together like-minded people with a common belief in health and fitness, and its transformative power to energise every aspect of life.

FIRE Fitness enjoys a leadership position in the premium boutique segment, delivering some of the most popular fitness class experiences in the market today including the innovative proprietary fitness programmes RIDE, STRIKE, STRIDE, and FORCE. These classes are conducted in small intimate groups led by world-class trainers, who deliver the best workout experiences in the business. FIRE Fitness is flexible – you can pay as you train, or subscribe to a monthly pass.



Rawsome first opened its doors in 2015, owned by a passionate individual creating fresh,

healthy and delicious creation. Started selling only chia puddings, slowly penetrating the health scene by being a pioneer introducing this superfood with great health benefits to consumers. With a very small location, concentrating only on deliveries – after a year in the market, managed to moved to a location with a small central kitchen to cater the growing demand.

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