Level: M
Lot No: M-17
Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm, Contact No: 03 2110 5562

Minigood is a high-quality Korean Designer Brand, and aims to provide worldwide consumers with simple, pleasant daily necessities of good designs at affordable prices. We abide by this philosophy at all business stages of design, manufacture, logistics and sales. As a pioneer store that embraces casual and fashionable lifestyle, MINIGOOD becomes a main store at department stores and shopping centers, together with other stores in catering business, fast fashion clothing and entertainment.While practicing its “fast fashion” consumerism, MINIGOOD strives to create a novel shopping atmosphere, where consumers can experience a happy, fashionable and healthy lifestyle. With its new arrivals per week, lower prices, as well as its brand core advantage of positioning as a fast-fashion chain store, MINIGOOD has made a hit among consumers.

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