Shop at Avenue K and park for FREE

Shop at Avenue K and park for FREE

Here’s one more reason to shop with us at Avenue K.

Terms and conditions apply.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Free Parking Redemption is open to all Avenue K Shopping Mall (“AK”) customers aged 18 and above, including
    employees and immediate family members of City Properties Sdn. Bhd. (“AK Management”).
  2. Free Parking Redemption is only valid for vehicle(s) parked at Avenue K Parking. All receipts must be verified by AK
    Management at Avenue K Information Counter, Level G from 10am to 10pm daily.
  3. All receipts must be redeemed on the same day and 15 minutes before l0pm. AK customers who come in after the
    above stipulated time and date will not be entertained.
  4. Free Parking Redemption must be redeemed before the payment has been made at the Autopay Machine/ Secure
    Parking Office.
  5. Free Parking Redemption is not applicable for Valet Parking, Touch N’ Go, credit card & debit card.
  6. AK customers may choose to redeem either one of the following promotions:
    (i) AK Free Parking Redemption; OR
    (ii) Superpark Parking Redemption; OR
    (iii) Village Grocer Parking Redemption at Village Grocer; OR
    (iv) Fitness First Parking Redemption at Secure Parking Office
  7. Redemption is limited to one (1) redemption for one (1) vehicle daily.
  8. To be eligible to participate in this redemption, only net purchases made using cash/debit/credit/e-wallets are
    considered as total amount spent.
  9. Bill payment for subscriptions and utilities, bank services, courier services, money changer, membership renewal
    fees, class sign-ups, consultation, purchase of gift vouchers and e-wallet/card reload/Top-up will not be
  10. Credit card charge slips, hand-written, duplicate, or re-printed receipt(s), will not be accepted for redemption.
  11. Only original POS-system generated receipts from stores in AK will be accepted for redemption. AK Management
    has the right to request for proof of purchase.
  12. Torn or damaged receipts shall be deemed invalid and will not be accepted by AK Management.
  13. AK tenants are strictly not allowed to participate in this redemption, neither are they allowed to redeem on behalf
    of their customers.
  14. AK customers are not allowed to redeem on behalf of other customers, even if they are family members.
  15. Redemption is non-transferable or exchangeable for cash, credit, goods and/or services.
  16. AK Management shall not be responsible for the loss of opportunity to redeem due to receipt(s) that are not
    received and/or verified or for any other reason. By participating in this redemption, all AK customers are deemed
    to have agreed to any and every form of publicity.
  17. AK Management has the right to change and alter the final interpretation of these Terms & Conditions without prior
  18. By participating in this redemption, AK customers are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by
    the Terms & Conditions stated herein. AK Management’s decisions on all matters relating to the redemption shall be
    final, binding and conclusive. No correspondence, disputes or appeals will be entertained.