Level: M
Lot No: M-11
Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm, Contact No: 03 -2701 8243

Buttonscarves is an Indonesian lifestyle brand that focuses on fashion accessories with the main products are scarves (printed and plain). Founded in 2016, Buttonscarves offers only the best-in-class materials with excellent craftsmanship. Our mission is to serve a stylish signature product that shows the unique side of every woman. We started our journey online with customers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our aims, to create a product in which every woman can be proud and confident wherever and whenever wearing Buttonscarves. Feminine, stylish yet smart; these characteristics have become the DNA of our brand.

Buttonscarves always strive to give a world-class shopping experience for all customers around the world. Starting from 2018, Buttonscarves spread the wings by building offline stores all over Indonesia. In 2020, we made Benang Jarum,  a sister brand focused in clothing lines, and also marked our steps for going international by building offline store in Kuala Lumpur. We strive for the modest fashion style and modern clean-cut as complementary. Being effortlessly fashionable is always possible for us!

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