Hong Kong Silverbird Restaurant

Level L2, Lot No: 17A, 17B & SAC-L2-1 Location

10.00am – 10.00pm

Operating Hours
+6016 313 1388 Phone Number

“Founded in 1973, Silver Bird Hong Kong Restaurants, along with its Hong Kong Street Food Brand “Dear Tigger” and associates, provides Hong Kong-style Western and Chinese foods, offering authentic delicacies such as Hong Kong iced lemon tea, pineapple bun, and cocktail bun. The focus is on the popular homemade beverage market, featuring set meals designed to boost consumption throughout the day.

The emphasis is on full-time operation during morning, noon, and evening, adopting a business model of small profits but quick turnover, particularly in civilian catering. The commitment extends to replicating and preserving the unique taste and culture of Hong Kong’s local cuisine. Silver Bird Hong Kong adheres to its slogan, “The Taste of Hong Kong,” across various brands in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the United Kingdom, and now Malaysia. Diners can relish the authentic 60s taste of Hong Kong without the need to travel there and they can enjoy it in their own countries.”