Level: L2
Lot No: L2-13
Operating Hours: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Beauty is for every woman. Visit Bluunis at Level 2, Avenue K. #avenuekmy


Bluunis revolution started by 1997 departing from Ultimate Impression continues to meet women’s modern lifestyles with the belief that every woman can be beautiful and young. A person’s youthfulness is never defined by one’s biological age, but the physical & mental condition and appearance.

The reason behind bluunis’s success of being an extraordinary player in the industry is the ideology of work & play in harmony, namely ‘beautitainment’. Combining the fundamental of both industries, bluunis’s presentation is beyond beauty. For this reason, every customer finds their visit to bluunis more than a common beauty routine; it is a unique experience that brings joy and bliss by upgrading the quality of women’s life.

Discover your bluutiful TRANSFORMATION with bluunis, exude your confidence.

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